Tough Guy


I used to be afraid of “tough guys”.  Now I am intrigued.  I know a lot more than I once did.  A lot of tough guys actually have a soft heart.  My father had a bit of a redneck flavor about him.  He had a heart of gold.  This biker dude looked a little scary to me at first, but the more I studied him, the more I saw the twinkle in his eye and chuckle in his throat.  I married a “country boy” and hence I have been living in the country most of our married life.  My husband can talk to any person, scary looking or not.  I started watching my husband and how he relates to toughened folks.  I am learning the language.  I am seeing it is worth the effort to get to know folks with a hard edge about them.  It is like unwrapping a gift.  There is something inside worth investigating.  I concentrated on texture in this painting and especially enjoyed painting the multicolored beard contrasted with his satin black biker vest.