Top 10 Drawings of the Year

Drawing is no frills. No pressure.  Play.  The results are immediate.

My mom’s philosophy in child rearing is what I have tried to replicate.  Keep kids busy.  I did not watch a whole lot of TV.  She took me to the library to read.  She took me to the book store to buy books.  She took me to the craft store to buy crafts.  When I was in fourth grade, my mom took me to Ben Franklin craft store and I picked out my first sketch pad and drawing book.  I was thrilled.  I fell in love with drawing.

I bring a sketch pad with me in the car.  I am a mom, which means I wait on kids.  I wait at football practice, volleyball practice, swim meets.  A sketch pad and graphite pencil are my entertainment.

Drawing keeps me loose.  If I have been drawing regularly, I paint better.  It builds confidence.

I have loads of completed sketch pads in my studio.  When I flip through them, it is better than a photo album.  I can remember vividly when, where and what I was drawing.  I can remember feelings and circumstances connected to each drawing.  It is a history of my life.

Some of my drawings are scribbles.  My models mostly happen to be people. People who move.  I have a few seconds with some.  If I am lucky, I have a few minutes with others.  On rare occasion, I work from a still model or photograph.  It is then that I can flesh out my values and shading.

Here are my favorite 10 drawings for the year.