The Art of Selling Art

I am not a salesman, nor will I ever be.  I am introverted.  I will post my work.  I will go to showings.  Those make me nervous.  When I was in Bobby Sox softball and had to sell candy bars for fundraisers, I would buy them myself so I wouldn’t have to sell them.  I was just too shy.

I recently had an “ah ha” moment in relation to art sales.  The same thing happens whenever a piece of art sells.  The person just “has to have it.”  It is a quick decision.  It is not really an impulsive decision.  The art touches the person’s soul for whatever reason.  I hear:   “I really want it” or  “I just have to have it.” That is it.  It mystifies me.  I don’t have to push a sale.  My clients are absolutely sure.  I just get out of the way.  Now that is my kind of selling!  Here are some pictures of recent paintings that sold just like that.