12×9 original pastel on sanded La Carte paper

I have been a student of the personalities for years now.  There are introverts (me), and then there are extroverts (who fascinate me).  My first little “best friend” was an extrovert.  She pulled me out of my safe shell.  She made me laugh. We did crazy things.  We took chances.  I was more interesting because of her.  All of my closest friends have been extroverts. Some have been so loaded with ideas that I can almost see the ideas split open out of their heads. Oh, how they process their thoughts out loud.  They love an audience.  They love a party.  The extrovert painted above is one of those students that makes a presence when she enters the room.  When she is absent, there is a void in energy and the entire class feels it.  I have seen her stand on a chair and tell stories, show her artwork and entice the rest of us.  The reason I named the painting “Subdued” is because I saw a different side of her during our photo shoot.  I was surprised, inspired, and caught off guard.