Painting from Life

After a year and a half of trying to be patient, I finally found a point in my life when I could resume my practice of going to an evening model session with other artists.  I had been looking for one in the Atlanta area, but I kept putting it off for fear of not knowing my way into the city with 5 million people.  But out of the blue came am e-mail from the leader of a group in a small town close by, responding to a request I had made months prior.  This was my big break.  There is nothing like drawing/painting from a live model.  It is the true test of any artist and it is unnerving at best.  But it must be done to improve, get loose, find my style, and interact with other artists.  Because of time constraints, my style is looser than working from a photo.  It is freer.  As things progress,  I will post more photos from my amazing sessions.  I am having a blast.