Pain Relief

Red Tangle

9×12 Original Water Soluable Pastels on Wallis Paper


12×12 Original Water Soluable Pastel on Canvas

Weightlifting, volleyball, going without my usual every other week massage, and a yo-yo barometer are an ugly mix for a gal who has rods and screws in her back.  Add a little holiday stress and house shopping and its a screaming back.  My wellness tools are many, including prayer, talking to friends on the phone, petting my dogs, heating pads, hot baths, walking and drugs.  Probably my biggest help when I am in knots is getting into my right brain, which means painting.  When I am overcome with pain, I go straight to abstracts because I have no left brain logic and I have to tap into pure color, shape and emotion.  Here are a few that helped me cope with two recent long days.  It is kind of like playing golf.  When you are out there playing, you can’t think about anything else.  When I am painting abstracts, I can’t feel pain or think about it.  And that is one great drug!

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  1. Nanette, your abstracts leave me with the thought that we are all so unique and complex. This is very refreshing! Thank you for sharing with such authenticity and for being so vulnerable. I love you

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