My Purple Studio

Should I do it?  Should I really paint the walls of my studio (my haven) a deep “twilight purple”?  With the nodd of my best friend and my very cool daughter, I was able to take the plunge, but with a little trepidation.  The minute I put my first splash with the brush, I knew I was treating myself right.  My whole life changed with a simple can of paint.  My heart started singing.  “Man oh man, can I ever paint in this room,” I thought to myself. It makes sense.  Color is my thing.  My business motto is Nanette Heckler Fine Art, Colorful and Intense.  I love color!  Why wouldn’t I like it on my walls? Purple is my signature color.  It has synchronized into almost all of my paintings.  I am an artist but sometimes I have to have a word with the attorney side of me which is hesitant, political, ho hum.  The artist in me is alive, vibrant and soaring.  Well, one thing leads to another.  I took over the adjacent kitchen and its shelves, drawers and wall space.  I purchased some very cool chairs that make the purple pop.  I purchased a table to go between the chairs in case I have a visitor who would like to sit down and chat over a cup of coffee.  That reminds me, I think I shall buy a coffee pot just for my studio kitchen and some very cool coffee mugs….and….and…..  I give myself permission to really enjoy my surroundings, and I bet this year is going to be my best ever year of creativity.  I can’t wait to get downstairs.