Got Milk!


12×16 original pastel on sanded paper, framed, $345 plus shipping

I painted this before.  Painting it again was like deja vu.  I painted from a priceless photo I obtained from lots of hard work searching for the perfect cow scene.  I found a lady from church who owned a ranch and finally got up the nerve to ask her if I could come and take pictures of her cows.  She gave me and my kids the royal treatment and we drove around her property in a vehicle with hay in the back…the magic that would make them come closer.  There is was, an amazing photo!  I painted this scene and eventually hung it in a less than perfect venue — a fitness center.  I did sell paintings that hung there, but much to my horror I realized a little too late that behind wall on which I hung the painting was a steam room that leaked steam through the wall over time.  Pastels and water do not mix, and this caused an incurable mold spot on the painting.  I pitched it.  We moved across the country.  I lost my prized cow photo.  I found it when I unpacked my studio.  Then I lost it again.  When I finally found it, I had improved my painting style and technique.  It was time to revisit the photo.  The painting painted itself, and here it is with the original name.