Blue Pail


9×12 original pastel on sanded paper, matted and framed, $225 plus shipping

This summer I made it from west coast to east coast.  The waves are better in the Pacific, but it is also cold.  The Atlantic is like bath water in comparison.  I was a nervous Nelly at Tybee Island and again at Hunting Island (east coast) because I knew my kids were not “ocean” experienced.  I tried to warn them of impending dangers, but they just didn’t seem to want to listen.  I had my camera and cell phone on the beach, but I had three kids in the water, getting deeper and deeper.  After hailing them numerous times and looking really silly because they couldn’t hear me or ignored me, I decided they would be safer with me in the water and at least I could coax them back toward the shore, away from the lurking sharks and dangerous currents.  Once again I came to the conclusion after jumping waves and floating in the salty sea that I am much too serious and playing is good for the soul.  I must have swam for hours with them.  No shark bites, no drownings!  It was a blast.  When I finally did get comfortable with my kids in the water and me on the shore, I snapped a lot of pictures of some of my favorite things found on the beach.  One of course is children with instruments to capture a bit of ocean sand and shells.  I love the way this girl’s hair is put up like someone quite older, up out of the way of her play.

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