Beach Boy


9×12 original pastel on sanded paper, matted and framed, $235 plus shipping

Beach Boy is another painting in my beach series.  Yes, it is winter, but painting beach scenes helps me deal with the fact that I am not on a beach.  Painting has a way of teleporting the artist and perhaps the viewer.  I found a new love of my life via this painting. I discovered a new pastel paper.  In my book, anything artsy and from France is bound to be excellent.  The paper I used is smooth to the touch but acts like it has a magnet.  It holds and sucks in dry pastel like a sponge.  It isn’t scratchy like other sanded papers and I was doing a jig painting this one.  I felt like I could be myself and sport my own style.  It is amazing how comfortable a piece of paper can make me feel.  Last night I went to a group with a live model and I brought a substandard piece of paper.  I fought the paper all night.   Enjoy the beach, listen to the sound of the waves, and watch for more beach paintings from time to time.