Acrylics Adventure

I dreaded this medium. My worst. The one I stumble and grope around with. It is strange and unsettling to use these quick-drying paints. Brushes are hard to control. A stray hair sends dribbles to forbidden places. You have to grip the tool loosely, then tightly, then twist it, then straighten. It makes a displeasing sound on the canvas. And then the mediums to add … a bit of a mystery. Not too much water or it will break down the paint altogether. And blending … egad!

In order to do something well, you must first be willing to do something badly.

I had read all about acrylics. I had even watched Youtube videos. I had even taught a class on it. But, it was not until I actually experienced painting with it that I really realized how to grasp it. It was not until my third painting that I started to act like myself.

I began with a gray value study. I blocked in the blacks, the medium values and the lights. I squinted to see the shapes come alive.

Now the color. I used a fatter brush than normal so I would not fall into worrying about too many details. I became looser and more like myself. I did know some stuff. I did have some foundation.

I knew I needed to unify it. Then came the grand finale. I was not afraid. That is the great thing about painting in an unfamiliar territory. There is nothing to lose. There are no expectations. There is room to experiment. So I used a glossy glaze with yellow and went over the top of it all.

For those who have followed my blog for a while now, you know my Father is showing me many spiritual lessons. Like painting with acrylics, I am learning as I go. I do know some stuff, but he is adding to my knowledge so that things seems strange, unfamiliar and a bit awkward. I am learning to share my faith with the ebb and flow of the Holy Spirit. I am learning to listen to my Father’s voice. I am learning how to intercede. I am learning about healing, both inner healing and physical healing for myself and others. I am doing things that are so very unnatural like kneeling in a hospital room and praying (no matter who is watching), like touching people, speaking truths and blessing people (even to the point of provoking tears on my part and the part of others).

So I am learning to like this mysterious medium of acrylics. I have a lot more learning to do, but it is quite an adventure.