About the Artist

I am a prolific Atlanta area artist whose work is colorful and intense.  My goal is to be real and to express myself freely without fear.  I strive to push my boundaries, and therefore my art is dynamic and alive.  Whether it is figures or flora, I concentrate on creating a fresh perspective.

I grew up loving to draw, but something happened to me along the way.  I found myself sitting at a desk as a lawyer for a prestigious law firm in Reno, Nevada and then again eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at my desk at another legal position. My creative side was screaming, “Help!” Eventually I took up the pencil again and then found a watercolor artist while I was living in gorgeous Beaufort, South Carolina.  I asked for lessons, and it opened up a dramatically new and colorful world.  I later tried pastels and found my dream medium because I could draw and paint at the same time, without the distraction of a brush between my fingers!  I relish the medium because it is immediate and vibrant.

I like painting people, especially children and older people.  They are real and unpretentious.  I also like plants, particularly flowers.

I teach art.  I have incorporated my love of teaching and my experience of teaching (law, political science, all subjects for homeschooling and bible studies) into my love of art.  I have been teaching art for over 13 years. I do not teach classes in which each student paints by the numbers so that all have a finished product that looks like the rest at the end of the night.  I teach with the aim to unleash individual potential and expression.  I teach classes in drawing, pastels, acrylics, watercolors, plaster carving, paper mache, basic clay and mosaics.  My specialty classes are Masters classes for elementary students, my “Sample the Mediums” class in which students get to try their hand at all the mediums to get the feel for what they like, and my drawing class.  I believe that for serious students, drawing is the beginning to everything.  I tailor classes to individual needs and desires, so contact me to discuss details.

I am married to a wonderful man who supports me one hundred percent.  I have three children who inspire me.  I have had several one-man shows in California, Georgia and South Carolina.  My commissioned portraits may be found in Illinois, Missouri, South Carolina, Georgia, California, and Nevada.


7 thoughts on “About the Artist

  1. Nanette: Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and graceful “gift,” and that gift is your passion and ability to express yourself through “art.” Your love of your Creator; mate; children; and life is evident of your caliber as an artist because your works bring a sheer smile and overall joy as each piece truly invigorates one’s strength of mind, body, and soul. In other words, “Girl, your creations ‘turn me loose’ and ‘set me free’.”

  2. Nanette, what a transformation your life has taken. Isn’t life a hoot?! You start out a solid left brainer — and ultimately recognize the right brain offers the path to happiness. As an artist and mom of 3, homey life has blessed you! If you show in California — TELL ME IMMEDIATELY! Peggy Ries and I will be there in a heart beat. I have many artist friends in this region and look forward to sharing with them. Let me know when you have your next show organized. I’d like, at the very least, to see pictures I can share. Delta Love and all of mine! Faith

    • Thanks for your support, Faith! I am inspired by many things. My art has taken on a whole new look since I moved to Atlanta. I love a change of scenery and I love trying new methods. I love pastels the best, both traditional and now the new watersoluable wax pastels.

  3. Nanette,
    Thank you for sharing your website and art with me! I love every single piece of art and I can see the strength and beauty of your soul in your work! So lovely! The color is fabulous and so lovely to look at…I felt my heart smile! I loved reading your “story” and the comments about each piece of art. I’m going to bookmark your website as one of my favorites! 🙂

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