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12X16 original pastel on Pastelmat paper, $325, framed, plus shipping

Some of my best friends have been other “mom friends”.  If our kids are friends, then we are friends.  We look out for their kids and they look out for ours.  We stick together.  We scour museums and zoos together.  We give each other baby showers.  If we are pregnant together, we are friends for life.  Now that I do not pack totes containing medical supplies, juice boxes, crackers, extra little clothes for emergencies, I am not really sad.  I have moved on. Instead,  I carry a sketch pad, camera, charcoal and kneaded erasers.  In fact, the other day my daughter told me that she can always tell that I am an artist because if she borrows a jacket, she will find a graphite stick in one of the pockets.  Since I now have older children, I still observe those who are in that exhausting but satisfying stage of motherhood.  It brings back memories of juggling bags and little reaching hands.  It also reconstructs memories of my “mom friends” who were along side of me.



6X9 original pastel on sanded La Carte paper, $75, framed, plus shipping

I am not a landscape artist.  I don’t paint trees.  I tell this to my best friend.  She doesn’t believe me.  Okay.  I take that back.  I do paint trees that are interesting to me.  I find some so compelling that I do have to paint them.  Some are like people.  Texture.  Interest.  Bold.  Personality.  So, yes, I do paint trees on occasion.



5X7 original pastel on primed mat board

My first art teacher as an adult was a watercolor artist full of passion and freedom.  She illustrated for me the art of subtlety.  Paintings just need to “read” the subject without overkill.  This painting satisfies my objective to sketch and not overwork.  It “reads” my daughter Audrey, it “reads” discovery and beach.  I have been influenced by Degas and Mary Cassatt.  Their mastery of pastels is incredible and I put their works on my phone and computer and zoom in on their strokes.  Such freedom!  These teachers are alive and well.



9×12 original pastel on sanded La Carte paper, framed, $225, plus shipping

This one is shy.  I was shy.  I still am.  It is not easy opening up.  You can look at my work, which is a reflection of me.  Just don’t look at me.  And please don’t stare at me.  I chose to paint this sunflower because it is closed.  It protects itself.  It is a bit mysterious.