Water Break


12×18 original pastel on sanded paper, framed, $300, plus shipping

I was headed to a Civil War Reinactment with my family in California when I came across this cow scene.  (Did I say I was in California going to a Civil War Reinactment? Not South Carolina….not Georgia….)  Anyway, I excitedly announced, “Stop the car!”  My husband knows that that means.  I HAVE TO soak it in, take pictures, etc.  Ah, living with an artist.  The way they overlapped.  The way some of them stopped their lunch and stared at me, the crazy woman.  The way they mooed.  Compelling.  I painted this scene and tucked it away, not knowing if I had captured the feeling I had at the time.  I found it the other day and revamped it with newer, more advanced painting skills, and there you have it….a water break.



9×12 original pastel on primed mat board, framed, $225, plus shipping

Some flowers are better suited in a group.  But some are outstanding all by themselves.  This one caught my eye.  The contrasting background frames it.  The flower extends itself.  Strength.  Power.  Intensity.

Big Boy


9×12 original pastel on sanded paper, $225, framed, plus shipping

I love the angle on this painting.  I was looking down into the water when I noticed this big boy, a goldfish that had grown to fit a nice sized custom-designed backyard pond.  The owner attested to the fact that he had purchased large quantities of fish food to feed his friend.  I was challenged to paint the fish in its habitat, with water swishing and swirling atop him.



9×12 original pastel on sanded paper, $200, framed, plus shipping

The first year I was here in Georgia, I went on a Garden Tour in Monroe.  I enjoyed the splendor of properties owned by green thumbs.  I took a little detour around one of the houses to find a very interesting scene.  Empty pots. Lots of pots.  Lots of potential.  Sometimes the best photos opportunities are found behind the scenes.