Top 10 Paintings for 2016

It is that time of year again.  Time to survey my work.  I can always wish for more quantity, but I am liking the quality improve each year.  This is the time that I celebrate my growth and list my favorites.  As you can see, I have focused on my first love — painting people.

1.  Maiden II

2.  Pirate

3. Princess

4.  Knight

5.  Lindsey

6. The Bar

7. Arthur

8. Mug

9. Umbrella Shroud

10.  Antigone

Chihuly Magic


12×9 original pastel on sanded paper

Some kids are movers and shakers.  Some kids are not.  Brayden is a mover.  When I took this shot of him mesmerized by the Chihuly sculpture at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, all lit up one summer night, his mom said that it was an out of the ordinary photo because he is never still.  Art stops us.  It pauses our life, even for a brief moment.  My greatest hope for my art is to stop people for a moment.



Private Concerto



12×9 original pastel on sanded paper

A reluctant model.  I was pushing a little.  It was just the two of us.  She did not want an audience.  It was hot, in the sun, a melting Georgia summer day.  A breeze came up and blew her beautiful hair, tussling it up a bit.  It made her look freer.  She started to forget the camera and get absorbed into her music.  If there is one thing I love more than anything, it is painting people, but painting music and people is truly a delight for me.  Thank you Alyssa Rose.



12×9 original pastel on sanded paper

Drama.  Intensity.  I have my favorite teens.  Students….friend’s kids…..friends of my kids.  I have started going after what I want.  I place myself in positions to capture them best.  This was at a play.  Marika is my favorite teen actress.  She had the lead in Antigone.  I was impressed with her ability to know the verbiage for that Greek lead.  She did a magnificent job.  She is one of those young ladies that will amount to very much.  She is strong, intense and determined.  Yes, she is a favorite.