Jump, Skip and a Hop


The older I get, the more I like to watch play.  Whether it be animals or children or older “children”, there is something valuable and not frivolous about play.  It refreshes the soul.  When we moved to Georgia, it was hard to get “hooked in”.  We were all without “playmates” for a while.  I was recently at the park the other day and my homeschooler had plenty of companions.  It charmed my heart to see him out of the corner of my eye, charging through the trees, nerf gun in hand, chasing a friend.  Water play, of course, is the best play of all.  This painting emerges from a day on slippery rocks from a stream.  I love the way the bodies twist and turn.  No need for facial details, the tale is in the body language.





12 x 16 original pastel on sanded paper, framed, $300 plus shipping

Sometimes I like life to be neat.  All in a row.  Uniform.  Same.  Organized.  You know, it is reallly hard to organize people.  This was a group of private school children.  I love the way the sun hits their faces and their white shirts.  They are doing what they are supposed to.  Follow the leader.

The Art of Selling Art

I am not a salesman, nor will I ever be.  I am introverted.  I will post my work.  I will go to showings.  Those make me nervous.  When I was in Bobby Sox softball and had to sell candy bars for fundraisers, I would buy them myself so I wouldn’t have to sell them.  I was just too shy.

I recently had an “ah ha” moment in relation to art sales.  The same thing happens whenever a piece of art sells.  The person just “has to have it.”  It is a quick decision.  It is not really an impulsive decision.  The art touches the person’s soul for whatever reason.  I hear:   “I really want it” or  “I just have to have it.” That is it.  It mystifies me.  I don’t have to push a sale.  My clients are absolutely sure.  I just get out of the way.  Now that is my kind of selling!  Here are some pictures of recent paintings that sold just like that.

Time Out


12 x 16 original pastel on sanded paper, matted and framed, $325 plus shipping

I have never had one of those beach chairs that is so low to the ground you can sit at the water’s edge and feel the laps of waves upon your feet while the sun warms the rest of your body.  I wanted this painting to be peaceful to look at.  I like the way the shadows play on the watery, glassy sand.  The ladies are anonymous so that we can picture ourselves in the scene.  The painting is also a picture of friendship….the kind that is so rare and good….the kind that you do not have to speak to one another.